The International Criminal Justice Consortium

International criminal justice - accountability for the international atrocity crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and aggression - is fundamental to ensuring the peace, security and well-being of the world. The International Criminal Justice Consortium (ICJC) is an independent, nonpartisan alliance of international organisations committed to providing comprehensive practical and expert support to criminal judicial institutions at the national and international levels. The work of the ICJC is pro bono, driven by the requests and needs of national and international criminal justice institutions including the International Criminal Court (ICC), and provides capacity building assistance through practical legal skills workshops, the sharing of best practices and expertise, and other collaborations.

Expansive Resources, Varied Perspectives

The collective membership of the ICJC draws upon outstanding judicial, prosecutorial, legal and administrative practitioners from varied legal traditions and regions throughout the world. The ICJC provides perspectives from diverse professional, judicial, and legal organisations, academic institutions, training academies, and human rights groups. The work of the ICJC and its member organisations is accomplished in numerous languages and locations including The Hague, throughout Europe and around the world.

Sustainable and Efficient Model of Support

The ICJC is institutionally-based with member organisations formally joining the Consortium. The ICJC Steering Committee facilitates communication with and between the national jurisdictions or the ICC and Consortium membership, ensuring that collaboration is efficiently developed and implemented.


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